I commissioned Peter Latoszek to be my architect for a new summer cottage on Lake Simcoe.

Peter worked hard for me and the rest of my family to come up with a cottage design that fulfilled all of our needs, which is easier said than done. He created copious and attractive designs for our joint critique sessions and paid attention to the smallest details on our wish list. He was always available and made certain that the final design was up to his standards, which were exceedingly high.

As the time came to hire a builder, I had several concerns as to who to hire. Some of my concerns were connected to not living near the cottage which made it difficult for me to look in on its construction progress regularly. Also, since my expertise is not in construction, I wanted to work with someone who is a professional in that field, is trustworthy and will stand by their work.

Having built a strong foundation with Peter through his architectural services, my son made the suggestion to hire him as my construction manager. Peter was honest with me about having lots of hands on building experience and even possessing skills like welding from his upbringing. However, he also disclosed that my project surpassed the scale and complexity of any that he had work on building before. Scale and complexity being relative, Peter indicated he was confident in his ability to complete the task of construction managing my cottage build. Peter sealed our deal with the words: “I will not quit regardless of the challenges we might face”.

Over the course of the entire project, we had ups and downs with the workforce, weather, and the supply chain. Nevertheless, as promised he did not quit, and furthermore, there were no disagreements or arguments over the entire time Peter worked for my project that would prevent me from giving him my strongest recommendation for any projects going forward.


Dr. H. Garfield

Dr. H. Garfield

We turned to Peter and LATTAG Studio to design and build our first family home in Toronto and we love how it turned out.

Throughout the process Peter worked with us every step of the way. Even coming to stores with us to help us talk through our interiors selections. Being our first time going through this kind of process, Peter was very patient, especially when it came down to last minute changes of minds and directions.

The quality can be seen throughout the house as LATTAG made sure only the best workmanship was employed and held accountable.

We look forward to the many years we’re going to spend in the house LATTAG Studio created for us.

R.Butcher & T.Collins

I am writing this to recommend Peter Latoszek and LATTAG Studio Inc. for all your Architectural projects.

I was first introduced to Peter through a mutual acquaintance when I was redesigning and renovating a house I purchased. It was a larger, more complicated project than we had anticipated and with Peter’s experience and knowledge, he helped us through the design and build.

A few years later, we found ourselves on another house project. Peter was our first phone call. He and his company worked with us on every detail of designing our home. When the project got busy, we hired him to be our Project Manager to see it through the major parts of the build. Peter has always taken his role seriously and is passionate about his work. Beyond his natural leadership, he fights hard for his beliefs to deliver the best results. Always available by phone, email or text, he answered all our questions and settled our worries.

Without a doubt, we would highly recommend Peter and LATTAG Studio Inc. for any and all Architectural projects and/or Project Management needs.

M. & J. Gasko

I am so relieved to have chosen Peter Latoszek of LATTAG Studio to work with my wife and me on designing our new home. I have been framing houses in the Greater Toronto Area for years; laying out hundreds of floor plans. I thought, “Hey no problem I’ve got this I’ll draw up some things and go get the permit.” As it turned out I was wrong, trying to come up with a design that fit the constraints of our lot was going to be a challenge.

While I was driving around the community and checking out all the nice properties I came across Peter. He was overseeing some work being done on one of his projects when we met and immediately I could tell that this guy knew what he was doing.

I was not comfortable with doing the excavation and concrete forming that was required to begin construction. Therefore, we hired Peter to project manage that part of the construction of our new home. The quality of workmanship that I saw really blew my hair back! It was impressive, second to none, clean tidy and respectful of the surrounding neighbors.

He has the experience and ability to closely listen to what it is that you want and come up with a unique design that fits in with the surrounding area without breaking the budget.

Peter was always just a phone call away having time to go over every little detail. He is a smart guy with great designs and problem solving skills.

I would not consider doing any future building projects without LATTAG Studio to guide the way.

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L. & N. Stephens

This letter is written with great pleasure, in reference to the work completed by Peter Latoszek of LATTAG Studio.

Our project entailed the building of an addition above the garage as well as a complete gut and remodeling of most of the original interior of our home.

Peter worked with us on the design, structure, HVAC, and plumbing. Because of Peter’s vast knowledge and diligence, it made our project fun and easy. Peter completed all the drawings in a timely fashion; with ease and poise.

After our permits were obtained, Peter did not forget about us. He reached out to help with referring very skilled contractors. Peter went beyond his hired scope of work to assist with our project. He worked with us every step of the way. When our town inspector needed clarification, Peter was available with answers to his questions. This made everything run smoothly and effortlessly.

Peter’s reliability and adaptability, created a stress free work environment and his project management skills enabled us to complete our project on schedule.

We strongly recommend Peter of LATTAG Studio to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and reliable architect that serves his clients with honesty and integrity.

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M. & R. Bene

This is in reference to the planning and design of our third-floor addition which will replace the attic and existing roof with a new structure that will add living space with a full-height family room, and bathroom, as well as a roof-top terrace.

Right from the start, Peter from LATTAG Studio was easy to communicate with and advised us on all the things we’d need to consider in the design, and (equally important) in the application process for the required building permits.

After an initial discussion on what we had in mind from a design perspective, Peter developed an initial concept that gave us a good idea of what our next structure would look like. With a few more tweaks, Peter’s design turned out beautifully. Even our neighbors commented that the design was beautiful when they saw it as part of the Committee of Adjustment materials that were submitted.

During the permit application process, Peter took all the work off our hands. He even handled the process of going to Committee of Adjustment to get exceptions approved that were outside Toronto’s building code.

It’s now all set and done – we were issued our building permits last week!

We can highly recommend LATTAG Studio to anyone who is thinking of making some architectural changes to their house.

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C. & S. Duvinage

Peter and his wife Melody of LATTAG Studio Inc. met with my wife and me to discuss our project. After being exposed to our four kids, our hectic lifestyle and our small home in the Beaches area of Toronto, both Peter and Melody came to the quick realization that we were in dire need of more space beyond just a basement underpinning. They both remarked on the potential for more space and proceeded to provide their insight. My wife and I were elated with their ideas which included adding onto our house and reconfiguring our second floor to improve the circulation and provide us with the space we need.

We hired LATTAG Studio Inc. and began what became a very pleasant and collaborative relationship with Peter and Melody. Peter was quick to understand our architectural tastes and needs. Melody proved invaluable with respect to incorporating both form and function in her design while being able to craft spaces to cater to our needs and appeal to our emotions.

Through a very synergistic partnership, Peter was able to render the perfect design for our family. It took 16 separate renditions before we finally arrived at our ideal home design that best complimented our family’s needs. Both Peter and Melody were patient and attentive throughout the entire process while both educating and steering us towards the design values that best incorporated our needs. As a very involved and hands-on client, I know that Peter demonstrated diplomacy on a few occasions; for which I commend him.

With our architectural drawings and design plan complete, we asked LATTAG Studio Inc. to represent us at both at the City of Toronto Committee of Adjustment and the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearings. My refusal to concede on a garage roof height at the Committee of Adjustment forced us to have to attend the OMB. Peter successfully represented our needs at the OMB (which can be an intimidating legal climate). We successfully acquired permission to commence building and renovating.

I chose to project manage our build myself as a sort of stretch challenge since I am an enthusiast in several of the trades. Peter and Melody made themselves available as the project progressed and have gone above and beyond in terms of answering our questions and assisting with the evolution of the design and generating any revisions for the building department. They are always available for a phone call or a site visit, without hesitation.

They have worked tirelessly for our family and have always made us feel like we’re the only clients for which they work. We consider Peter and Melody friends and wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone.

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S. & S. Torrance

Please accept this as my recommendation of Przemyslaw (Peter) Latoszek, the architect who designed my house in Toronto, Canada.

Peter was amazing to work with for so many reasons but particularly because he brought a high degree of expertise and knowledge to the project around the process of designing and building a bespoke home. I had the opportunity to collaborate with him in the design process over a two month period and his communication, promptness, exactness and effort made me feel that I was in the hands of a professional who both cared about the project and had my trust. Peter is a creative and calculated mind with a great attention for the details and has become a friend over the course of the last two years working together. He always took the time to be available if I had questions and visited the build site to support the process or any questions I had.

Peter is the only person I will call when I design my next home or office and he comes with my highest recommendations.

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S. D. Mojtahedi

I have had the pleasure of hiring Peter to be our architect for the home we are currently building. He has been responsive and thoughtful to our questions and concerns.

Peter endeavored to create a home that incorporated our vision and needs. He attended the committee of adjustment meetings to help address concerns from the local community. We are extremely happy with Peter’s work, communication, and thoroughness in working through some difficult challenges. We will be moving into our new home this summer and pleased that every room has been maximized to its potential.

I would recommend Peter without reservation and have already recommended him for a couple other jobs.

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I. Keung-Fatt

The idea to construct a boathouse at our Lake Simcoe cottage became tangible when we met Peter of LATTAG Studio.

We had many hurdles to cross on the way to getting our boathouse. The main hurdles were committee of adjustment hearings, Lake Simcoe Conservation meetings, site plan approval meetings and correspondence with supportive neighbours, as well as, those not. Peter hopped each hurdle like an Olympian. He was always a step ahead by means of his solid research, preparation and execution.

Needless to say Peter and LATTAG Studio were successful in achieving our project goals. We would certainly use LATTAG Studio again and recommend them to all our friends and family.

S. & J. Farber

Choosing a contractor, architect, tradesperson, etc. in such an over saturated market can seem like a daunting task. When my wife and I opted to do some home renovations, Peter, from LATTAG Studio came highly recommended.

From the get go, Peter’s professionalism, experience, and knowledge of by-laws and Ontario building code was evident. As a result, permits, drawings, and revisions were obtained promptly and efficiently.
We were so impressed by our initial positive experience that we have since used Peter for several other projects including the following:

• Design and permit submission for basement underpinning of semi-detached rubble foundation century home
• Below porch excavation design and permits. This project required specific bracing and structural support, as well as an application to Toronto Urban Forestry for permission to injure a tree.
• Design and permit application for new detached garage requiring specific knowledge of by-laws for construction with tight property limits.

As a licensed tradesman, I understand the value of experience and professionalism, and that’s exactly what Peter brings to the table.

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P. Serianni

We are happy to recommend the architectural services of Peter Latoszek from LATTAG Studio Inc. without hesitation.

We live in a 100 year old semi-detached house in Riverdale and discovered that the foundation walls of our house needed to be replaced. At the same time, we decided to lower/ underpin and finish the basement, which had previously been used primarily for storage and laundry.

Peter came to our home to discuss the project and was extremely knowledgeable and able to patiently explain things and answer our many questions clearly to us. He helped us to obtain the maximum use from our space in order to have a new shared use living area, three piece bathroom, separate storage space, and a laundry room. He was very prompt and did everything he said he would do for us.

Peter had wonderful suggestions, gave us many options and opened our eyes to possibilities that hadn’t occurred to us. In addition to being knowledgeable and technically competent, he clearly cares about his clients and wanted to ensure the success of our renovation. He was a pleasure to work with.
We are so happy with the results and recommend him highly.

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D. & S. Carter

With a growing family and a modest sized home, my wife and I made the decision to underpin and finish our basement. Once we engaged an underpinning company, we were introduced to Peter and engaged LATTAG Studio to complete the architectural drawings for underpinning.

From our first meeting, Peter was engaging, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. We could tell from Day 1 that he had a real passion for his work. Our knowledge of construction projects and home renovation is limited, so Peter took the time to educate us. He made sure that we understood everything that was going to be happening throughout the course of our renovation, and was always available to answer any questions that we had.

What we enjoyed most about working with Peter is that not only did he produce a strong product, but his response time to any phone calls or emails was almost immediate. It was not uncommon for us to receive an email from Peter on a weekend, or late at night. To us, this really shows Peter’s commitment to his clients and their satisfaction. Peter always kept us informed of any issues that arose, and was receptive to new design ideas that came up throughout the process. Even if he didn’t agree with our ideas, Peter would always state his opinion so that in the end, we could make an informed decision.

Peter is very knowledgeable when it comes to municipal by-laws and Ontario building code. Additionally, his experience with the City of Toronto and the building permit process proved to be invaluable. Peter showed great patience with us as clients, brought tremendous expertise to the planning and design phase and worked very collaboratively with us to ensure that we got what we wanted, without sacrificing anything from an architectural design standpoint.

We are so appreciative that we were referred to LATTAG Studio, and thoroughly enjoyed working with Peter and his team. We would highly recommend LATTAG’s services for any of your architectural/interior design needs.

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J. & S. Grey

In the spring of 2017 we hired Peter Latoszek and his firm to oversee the design and engineering for a basement renovation that included underpinning our 100-year-old semi-detached home and building a new basement walkout.

Peter prepared multiple designs for us, handled the many permits we required for our project and coordinated the necessary mechanical and structural engineering.

Peter is knowledgeable, thoughtful and patient. We are very happy with the final design he prepared and the suggestions he offered along the way. His fast and professional handling of the permitting and engineering made a complicated process seem simple.

We would not hesitate to recommend Peter and LATTAG Studio.

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C. Campell

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Peter Latoszek of LATTAG Studio by a work colleague who had used their services. Our project was to build an apartment in a large unused area of our home.

Peter was great! From coming to our home to visually inspect the space, to providing drawings, taking into account our concerns and addressing them.

We were provided with a first layout to get our thoughts and impressions, allowing us to contribute. Out of four drawings eventually produced we went with the second, and probably could have gone with the first there was a lot of thought and care put into even that first initial plan.

Everything was accurate and detailed, permits (which are the bane of construction) were quickly obtained and Peter was very knowledgeable about that process and what it entailed.

I’m very pleased to recommend LATTAG Studio and Peter Latoszek for your architectural requirements.

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C. Bruner, CPA, CA

Now that my family can enjoy our new Elevator addition in the newly remodeled wing of our home, I want to thank Peter from LATTAG Studio for being only a phone call away during the entire project.

From the design stage thru speedily obtaining the building permit, solving the structural requirements to the successful completion. Your advice is appreciated by all who participated to accomplish this great improvement of our home.

Thanks again


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G. Somogyi

As the owner of a General Contracting firm and having worked with LATTAG Studio Inc. on a custom modern house in Toronto, I believe LATTAG Studio Inc. Peter Latoszek is highly talented and creative. Their complete and thorough understanding of architecture and design, and the combination of these disciplines, is truly impressive.

From concept to completion, they develop both beautiful and livable solutions for today’s living. In short, they problem solve, looking at each space as part of the whole. Peter creates spaces that make one feel good. Their designs perfectly fit their customer’s interests and preferences.

They carefully listen to their client’s wish list and then mold those desires into a well-conceived whole. There is an explicit sense of collaborative teamwork between architect and client, creating a comprehensive totality of form and function, elegance and style, timeless and classic.

Attention to detail and quality craftsmanship is standard. From ground-up building to gut renovations, their work is truly outstanding. I highly recommend them.

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M. Lawrance

M-Squared Contracting

I have worked with Peter from LATTAG Studio on two projects and have the highest regard for his work. Peter is diligent, professional, organized and has a well-rounded understanding of construction. From initial conversations through permit applications and site visits, I have found Peter to be a pleasure to work with. His response time to site conditions and questions related to construction are among the swiftest I have experienced in my field as a contractor and property owner. As a contractor, building owner and real estate portfolio manager, I would absolutely recommend LATTAG Studio and look forward to working with Peter again on future projects.

Z. Kaplan

ZZ Contracting

Managing Director
Seek Capital Ltd. & Lavender Capital Inc.

Vice President
Rocfirm Inc.

I, Murdock Brooks am writing this letter to inform you that I recommend Mr. Peter Latoszek from LATTAG Studio Inc. for your next project. I am a builder/ contractor who has known Peter for the past 8 years. Thus, I can say it with confidence that he is the right candidate for your next project and will not disappoint you in any case.

Peter has displayed tremendous potential and scope for all the projects he has designed for me over the years. He has a creative mind and can come up with superb ideas and architectural designs. Peter has always been able to balance the expectations of my design build clients in helping them design their dreams as he drafts their concepts to reality. For my build and flip projects Peter has always been able to design to help me meet creativity while maximizing budget.

If selected, he will prove to be an asset and will bring design, quality, management skills and exceptional hard work to the table with superb creativity.

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M. Brooks

Burke`s Restoration & General Contracting

It is a true pleasure to work and learn from Peter. I own and run a Toronto-based underpinning company, and am fortunate enough to have worked with Peter on over 75 projects since the company’s inception in 2012.

He is extremely reliable, responsive, and quality oriented. His deep understanding of building structure and construction allows him to align closely with engineers to develop the right structural and architectural design required to acquire all permits. No job is too big for Peter; he has successfully worked together on both residential and commercial underpinnings, ranging from $20K – $350K.

He is a trusted partner in business, and an asset to any project he undertakes. I would highly recommend him.

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D. Garfield

The Underpinners Inc.